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William Holden, SuperStar –

Holden in PICNIC.

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William Holden
Super Star & Best Actor Winner

William Holden was type-cast early in his career as a boy next door.

Throughout his long career, William Holden did a variety of films, (comedies, dramas, thrillers, and westerns), and a variety of character types. He plays not only heroes & clean-cut leading men, but also "cynical, world-weary opportunists," killers, and undesirable characters with bad attitudes. Some of his films include: OUR TOWN, ARIZONA, BORN YESTERDAY, THE BRIDGES OF TOKO-RI, SABRINA, THE COUNTRY GIRL, and THE DARK SIDE.

William Holden received his 1953 Best Actor Oscar for portraying a smooth-talking con man of questionable character in STALAG 17.

In 1950, Holden received a Best Actor nomination for SUNSET BOULEVARD. Some say this was his best performance. His last Oscar nomination was for his role in NETWORK (1976).

Holden won an Emmy for his role in a 1973 TV movie, THE BLUE KNIGHT.

Holden's other memorable performances include his roles in: THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI, THE WILD BUNCH, and S.O.B.

william-holden William Holden 1953 Best Actor

STALAG 17 (Comedy/Drama)

William Holden received his Oscar for playing the sergeant who's not trusted by his fellow soldiers who are planning a break from a World War 2 German POW camp.


American leading man, born in Illinois, whose real name was William Beedle. William Holden was discovered at the Pasadena Playhouse.

Holden's nominations include:


William Holden's film credits include:

1938Prison Farm
1939Million Dollar Legs
1939Golden Boy
1939Invisible Stripes
1940Those Were the Days!
1940Our Town
1941I Wanted Wings
1942The Fleet's In
1942The Remarkable Andrew
1942Meet the Stewarts
1943Young and Willing
1947Blaze of Noon
1947Dear Ruth
1947Variety Girl
1948The Man from Colorado
1948Rachel and the Stranger
1948Apartment for Peggy
1948The Dark Past
1949Streets of Laredo
1949Miss Grant Takes Richmond
1949Dear Wife
1950Father Is a Bachelor
1950Sunset Boulevard
1950Union Station
1950Born Yesterday
1951Force of Arms
1951Submarine Command
1952Boots Malone
1952The Turning Point
1953Stalag 17
1953The Moon Is Blue
1953Die Jungfrau auf dem Dach
1953Forever Female
1953Escape from Fort Bravo
1954Executive Suite
1954The Bridges at Toko-Ri
1954The Country Girl
1955Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
1956The Proud and Profane
1956Toward the Unknown
1957The Bridge on the River Kwai
1958The Key
1959The Horse Soldiers
1960The World of Suzie Wong
1962Satan Never Sleeps
1962The Counterfeit Traitor
1962The Lion
1964Paris When It Sizzles
1964The 7th Dawn
1966Alvarez Kelly
1967Casino Royale
1968The Devil's Brigade
1969The Wild Bunch
1969The Christmas Tree
1971Wild Rovers
1972The Revengers
1974Open Season
1974The Towering Inferno
1978Damien: Omen II
1979Escape to Athena
1980When Time Ran Out
1980The Earthling

William Holden's television credits include:

1955Lux Video Theatre
1955I Love Lucy
1956The Jack Benny Program
1973The Blue Knight
197621 Hours at Munich


William Holden in THE COUNTRY GIRL (1954)