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Wesley Snipes - Action Star

Wesley Snipes is known for his tough guy, smart action villains and heroes.

His big break was being cast as the gang leader who threatens Michael Jackson in the black & white segment in Jackson's 16-minute music video, BAD.

Wesley Snipes' defining roles were in PASSENGER 57 and DEMOLITION MAN.

One of Wesley's best dramatic performances was in WATERDANCE, playing a paraplegic. Snipes' other notable films include: MO' BETTER BLUES, RISING SUN, MURDER AT 1600, NEW JACK CITY, DOWN IN THE DELTA, THE ART OF WAR, BLADE, BLADE 2, and UNDISPUTED.

Wesley's newest credits include: CHAOS, BLADE: TRINITY, and UNSTOPPABLE.


Wesley Snipes in DEMOLITION MAN (1993)