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W.C. Fields, SuperStar –

Fields in THE BANK DICK.

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W.C. Fields - Super Star

W.C. Fields was a funny, unique, and very popular star of the 1930s. His defining role was in MY LITTLE CHICKADEE. Other notable W.C. Fields films were DAVID COPPERFIELD, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, THE BANK DICK, and NEVER GIVE A SUCKER AN EVEN BREAK.

W.C. Fields somehow made his people hating (especially women and children), grumpy persona fun and likable. Fields was actually more colorful and eccentric than his bizarre screen characterizations, but enough of the "real Fields" got on the screen to earn him film immortality and millions of fans around the world.


W.C. Fields' film credits include:

September 19, 1915Pool Sharks
October 3, 1915His Lordship's Dilemma
October 27, 1924Janice Meredith
August 2, 1925Sally of the Sawdust
October 7, 1925That Royle Girl
May 24, 1926It's the Old Army Game
October 26, 1926So's Your Old Man
January 31, 1927The Potters
August 20, 1927Running Wild
October 17, 1927Two Flaming Youths
March 3, 1928Tillie's Punctured Romance
May 7, 1928Fools for Luck
August 22, 1930The Golf Specialist
October 26, 1931Her Majesty, Love
July 8, 1932Million Dollar Legs
October 2, 1932If I Had a Million
October 9, 1932The Dentist
March 3, 1933The Fatal Glass of Beer
April 21, 1933The Pharmacist
June 2, 1933International House
June 24, 1933Hip Action
July 28, 1933The Barber Shop
September 8, 1933Hollywood on Parade No. B-2
October 13, 1933Tillie and Gus
October 22, 1933Alice in Wonderland
February 9, 1934Six of a Kind
April 6, 1934You're Telling Me!
April 27, 1934Hollywood on Parade No. B-10
July 13, 1934The Old Fashioned Way
October 19, 1934Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch
November 30, 1934It's a Gift
October 13, 1935David Copperfield
March 22, 1935Mississippi
July 26, 1935Man on the Flying Trapeze
June 19, 1936Poppy
February 18, 1938The Big Broadcast of 1938
February 17, 1939You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
February 9, 1940My Little Chickadee
November 29, 1940The Bank Dick
October 10, 1941Never Give a Sucker an Even Break
unreleasedThe Laziest Golfer
October 30, 1942Tales of Manhattan
May 5, 1944Follow the Boys
June 21, 1944Song of the Open Road
June 30, 1944Sensations of 1945