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Steve McQueen Quotes...

“When I believe in something, I fight like hell for it.”

“I just want the brass ring and the pine trees and my kids and the green grass. I want to get rich and fat and watch my kids grow.”

“Sometimes kids ask me what a pro is. I just point to the Duke [John Wayne].”

“When a horse learns to buy martinis, I'll learn to like horses.”

“If I hadn't made it as an actor, I might have wound up a hood.”

“I'm not sure that acting is something for a grown man to be doing."

He was an actor that had such uniqueness about him that it was inevitable that it was only a matter of time before Steve McQueen was discovered. He was rugged, he was tough, and he had serious credentials. His bad boy, sex appeal is what made him famous in his moody romances, like "Love With the Proper Stranger" (1963), and "Baby The Rain Must Fall" (1965). Other great films he starred in were 1963's "The Great Escape", "Bullitt" (1968), and 1968's "The Thomas Crown Affair".

"Once I asked him, 'Why do you ride those motorcycles like that and maybe kill yourself?' and he said, 'So I won't forget that I'm a man and not just an actor.' " - Bette Davis.

He was wild and unpredictable and his talent shined through in every role he played. Whether or not it was his traditional westerns or war movies, or his moody romances, he gave an amazing performance, and you were still left guessing just what he was thinking about when he was done speaking.

Steve McQueen
"The Getaway"

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The interview with Steve McQueen on his role in 'Bullitt' in San Francisco READ STEVE'S INTERVIEW Steve McQueen gave his last interview to a high school student named Richard Kraus during the filming of The Hunter in 1980... STEVE McQUEEN INTERVIEW

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