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Steve McQueen, SuperStar –

McQueen in PAPILLON.

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Steve McQueen - Bullitt

Steve McQueen was a quirky but extremely popular major star of the 1960s, with the highly attractive image of an uncompromising rebel. After achieving fame in the popular 1950s TV series "Wanted: Dead or Alive", Steve McQueen broke into feature films and never looked back.

Steve McQueen's defining role was as a tough San Francisco cop in BULLITT, which contained the exciting and influential car chase sequence.

Notable films include: THE GREAT ESCAPE, PAPILLON, THE TOWERING INFERNO, THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR, and THE GETAWAY. Steve McQueen received an Academy Award nomination for THE SAND PEBBLES.

McQueen was married three times, once to popular 1970s actress Ali MacGraw.


Steve McQueen in THE GETAWAY (1972)