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Sandra Bullock - Between her beauty, natural talent, and sincerity, Sandra Bullock is inevitably headed for Super Stardom.

Sandra's smile is enough to make even the best of the men melt, and her giddy laugh is nothing short of contagious. Considered one of the most beautiful women in America and one of the top actresses in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock is quickly rising to the top.

Sandra Bullock's first credible blockbuster was probably in "A Time To Kill," where she co-starred with Matthew McCaunahey. Bullock didn't stop there, as she continued to deliver stellar performances, that only showed the depth of her charismatic persona, in movies like "Forces of Nature, " co-starring with the notorious Ben Affleck, and also in a fun movie, "Practical Majic," which sends a variety of messages, where she co-stars with Nicole Kidman. Bullock is witty, she's charming, and she's drop-dead gorgeous.

Sandra Bullock
sandra-bullockWhile Bullock is a shoe-in for the modern-day Hollywood label, she has also proven to be more than just a pretty lady. With etiquette, charm, and sincerity, she has shown the world that she is deep, true, dedicated, and the type of girl you don't just date. Sandra Bullock indeed is the girl every guy falls in love with and wants to marry, and every woman hates because of her flawless perfection, but at the same time has a secret underlying admiration for her diligence and perseverance that has so far led her to first-rate success.

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sandra-bullock-poster“I have these big piano-playing hands. I feel like I should be picking potatoes.”

“No one has ever bought me underwear, and I'm a little bummed about that. Maybe it's not such a big deal any more.”

“Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts. You have to remember this when you find yourself at the beginning.”

“The older I get, the less mature I get and I like that. I just intend to channel my behavior to benefit myself as well as others.”

Sandra Bullock Interviews...

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Bullock in SPEED with Keanu Reeves.



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