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De Niro in STARDUST (2007)

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Robert De Niro Jr. was born on August 17, 1943 in New York City, the son of two artists.

Though De Niro is thought of as being an Italian-American actor, his ancestry is mostly Irish.

Childhood nickname was Bobby Milk.

He dropped out of high school to join a gang, which luckily was just a phase.

Robert De Niro studied acting at Stella Adler Conservatory and the American Workshop with Lee Strasberg.

He has played many roles portraying characters that are prone to violence and characters who don't have both oars in the water; borderline mentally ill.

Began his acting career in low-budget Brian De Palma films including: BLOODY MAMA and THE GANG WHO COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT.

First meaty roles were in BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY and MEAN STREETS.

His first major film as the star actor was THE LAST TYCOON.

De Niro earned his first Best Actor Nomination for his work in TAXI DRIVER.

In RAGING BULL, De Niro gained 40 pounds to portray prizefighter Jake La Motta, a masterful performance that earned him a Best Actor Oscar.

Robert De Niro earned his second Best Actor Nomination for his performance in THE DEER HUNTER.

Robert directed his first film in 1992, A BRONX TALE.

De Niro has his own production company, Tribeca Film Center.

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Robert De Niro with Billy Crystal in ANALYZE THIS

De Niro with Ben Stiller in MEET THE PARENTS

With Billy Crystal

With Billy Crystal