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About Michelle Pfeiffer (1958 - )


Blonde, pretty and smart, Michelle Pfeiffer got her superstar status the old fashioned way: she earned it.

In 1978 Michelle Pfeiffer was a beauty queen... Miss Orange County (California). Michelle used to be married to actor Peter Horton but is currently married to TV writer/producer David E. Kelley.

Pfeiffer's defining role was as Catwoman in BATMAN RETURNS. Her notable films include: SCARFACE, LADYHAWKE, DANGEROUS LIAISONS, WHAT LIES BENEATH, TEQUILA SUNRISE, and DANGEROUS MINDS. Critics and audience alike loved Michelle Pfeiffer's sultry lounge singing in THE FABULOUS BAKER BOYS.

In 2009 Michelle was fabulous in CHERI and PERSONAL EFFECTS. Preiffer's newest films include: STARDUST, HAIRSPRAY, and I COULD NEVER BE YOUR WOMAN.


Michelle Pfeiffer in WHAT LIES BENEATH (2000)

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