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marx While Harpo liked to imitate the styles of Chaplin and Keaton, and Groucho mimicked the characteristics of the aggressive, sarcastic New York style; Chico preferred to keep his style that of vaudeville "shtick". The trio made their debut with five demented comedies, compliments of Paramount. However, MGM was to soon get a hold of them and turn them into comedic romancers with wisecracks in between sappy songs. Their greatest achievement was probably 1933's "Duck Soup".

Unfortunately the true ingenuity of this film was so advanced that its appreciation didn't come until three decades later. Other grand achievements that flatter the talent of the essential Marx Brothers are 1931's "Monkey Business", "Horse Feathers" (1932), "A Night At The Opera" (1935), and 1946's "A Night In Casablanca".


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