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The Marx Brothers in DUCK SOUP.

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The Marx Brothers
The Marx Brothers - Zany & Insane Comedy

A wildly popular comedy group, The Marx Brothers uniquely wacky style of comedy kept their audience in stitches in the 1930s. The Marx Brothers were, originally, Groucho (Julius Marx), Chico (Leonard Marx), Harpo (Adolph Marx), Gummo (Milton Marx),and Zeppo (Herbert Marx). Gummo bailed out early on. Zeppo played a straight man/ romantic lead in five films, then exited. Groucho, Chico, and Harpo endured as the Marx Brothers we know and love.

Their defining roles would be in DUCK SOUP. Notable films include ANIMAL CRACKERS, HORSE FEATHERS, and A NIGHT AT THE OPERA. In the 1950s, Groucho had a hit as a solo performer in the TV quiz show, YOU BET YOUR LIFE.

The Marx Brothers' film credits include:

Humor Risk1921
Too Many Kisses1925
The Cocoanuts1929
Animal Crackers1930
The House That Shadows Built1931
Monkey Business1931
Horse Feathers1932
Duck Soup1933
A Night at the Opera1935
A Day at the Races1937
Room Service1938
At the Circus1939
Go West1940
The Big Store1941
Stage Door Canteen1943
A Night in Casablanca1946
Love Happy1949
Mr. Music1951
Double Dynamite1951
A Girl in Every Port1952
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?1957
The Story of Mankind1957
The Incredible Jewel Robbery1959
The Mikado1960


The Marx Brothers in DUCK SOUP