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They say that the great comedic duos are coincidences of accidental pairing. The prodigious duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are concrete evidence for the support of this very statement. They were complete opposites, not just in backgrounds and preferences, but in looks as well. Yet the thin Laurel and the rotund Hardy would go on to be one of the most successful, comedic duos making over 100 films together. The one sure-fire thing they had in common was the prodigal talent for comedy.

These two knew how to make people laugh, and sometimes even pee your pants. "The Battle of the Century" (1927), "The Music Box" (1932), and "Way Out West" (1937), are just some of their great contributions to the film industry. However, one of their absolute finest was probably that of 1933's "Sons of the Desert", in which the boys sneak out for a fraternal convention that makes a Shriner's parade look down right sober.

"In 104 films, they never ran out of comic ideas, insane invention, or charming conceits."

-Garson Kanin; screenwriter.


Laurel - Hardy

Laurel & Hardy
Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel
in "Pardon Us" (1930)

Laurel & Hardy