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Laurel & Hardy, SuperStars –

Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy in THE BIG NOISE.

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Laurel & Hardy -

hardy-laurel Laurel & Hardy were an enduringly popular comedy duo who made many popular films in the 1930s. Initially popular in the silent era, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy scored big with "Talkies" as well. Their defining role was in BUSY BODIES. Other notable Laurel & Hardy films include: MEN O' WAR, SONS OF THE DESERT, WAY OUT WEST, and BABES IN TOYLAND.

For sheer silliness, and seat-of-the-pants entertainment, you can't beat Laurel and Hardy.

Laurel, the thin one, did much of the writing and some of the directing. Hardy, the chubby one, called "Babe" by his friends, mostly golfed when he wasn't on a movie set, leaving the more creative work to his partner Stan.

Laurel and Hardy's film credits include:

December 1, 1921The Lucky Dog
December 13, 192645 Minutes from Hollywood
March 13, 1927Duck Soup
April 3, 1927Slipping Wives
June 12, 1927Love 'em and Weep
July 17, 1927Why Girls Love Sailors
August 28, 1927With Love and Hisses
September 10, 1927Sugar Daddies
September 25, 1927Sailors, Beware!
October 5, 1927Now I'll Tell One
October 8, 1927The Second Hundred Years
October 15, 1927Call of the Cuckoo
November 5, 1927Hats Off
November 20, 1927Do Detectives Think?
December 3, 1927Putting Pants on Philip
December 31, 1927The Battle of the Century
January 28, 1928Leave 'Em Laughing
February 12, 1928Flying Elephants
February 25, 1928The Finishing Touch
March 24, 1928From Soup to Nuts
April 21, 1928You're Darn Tootin'
May 19, 1928Their Purple Moment
September 8, 1928Should Married Men Go Home?
October 6, 1928Early to Bed
November 3, 1928Two Tars
December 1, 1928Habeas Corpus
December 29, 1928We Faw Down
January 26, 1929Liberty
February 23, 1929Wrong Again
March 23, 1929That's My Wife
April 29, 1929Big Business
May 4, 1929Unaccustomed As We Are
May 28, 1929Double Whoopee
June 1, 1929Berth Marks
June 29, 1929Men O' War
August 10, 1929Perfect Day
September 21, 1929They Go Boom
October 19, 1929Bacon Grabbers
November 16, 1929The HooseGow
November 29, 1929The Hollywood Revue of 1929
December 14, 1929Angora Love
January 4, 1930Night Owls
January 21, 1930The Rogue Song
February 8, 1930Blotto
March 22, 1930Brats
April 26, 1930Below Zero
May 31, 1930Hog Wild
September 6, 1930The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case
November 29, 1930Another Fine Mess
February 7, 1931Be Big!
February 21, 1931Chickens Come Home
April 1, 1931The Stolen Jools
April 4, 1931Laughing Gravy
May 16, 1931Our Wife
August 15, 1931Pardon Us
September 19, 1931Come Clean
October 31, 1931One Good Turn
December 12, 1931Beau Hunks
December 26, 1931On the Loose
January 23, 1932Helpmates
March 5, 1932Any Old Port!
April 16, 1932The Music Box
May 21, 1932The Chimp
June 25, 1932County Hospital
September 10, 1932Scram!
September 23, 1932Pack Up Your Troubles
November 5, 1932Their First Mistake
December 31, 1932Towed in a Hole
February 25, 1933Twice Two
April 22, 1933Me and My Pal
May 5, 1933The Devil's Brother
August 3, 1933The Midnight Patrol
October 7, 1933Busy Bodies
October 28, 1933Wild Poses
November 25, 1933Dirty Work
December 29, 1933Sons of the Desert
January 13, 1934Oliver the Eighth
June 1, 1934Hollywood Party
June 23, 1934Going Bye-Bye!
July 21, 1934Them Thar Hills
November 30, 1934Babes in Toyland
December 11, 1934The Live Ghost
January 5, 1935Tit for Tat
February 26, 1935The Fixer Uppers
August 6, 1935Thicker than Water
August 23, 1935Bonnie Scotland
February 14, 1936The Bohemian Girl
May 11, 1936On the Wrong Trek
October 30, 1936Our Relations
April 16, 1937Way Out West
May 21, 1937Pick a Star
May 20, 1938Swiss Miss
August 19, 1938Block-Heads
October 20, 1939The Flying Deuces
February 16, 1940A Chump at Oxford
May 3, 1940Saps at Sea
October 10, 1941Great Guns
August 7, 1942A-Haunting We Will Go
1943 (early part of the year)The Tree in a Test Tube
April 4, 1943Air Raid Wardens
June 11, 1943Jitterbugs
November 1, 1943The Dancing Masters
March 1, 1944Nothing but Trouble
September 1, 1944The Big Noise
May 18, 1945The Bullfighters
November 21, 1951Atoll K



Laurel & Hardy in NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (1944)