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Kirk Douglas SuperStar –

Douglas in THE WAY WEST.

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Vital, active and frequently over the top, Kirk Douglas maintained a hot career by "chewing up the scenery." His intense, clench-jawed delivery was much imitated by popular comics of the day. Kirk Douglas maintained a long, friendly rivalry with fellow macho man Burt Lancaster.

His defining role was as painter Vincent Van Gogh in LUST FOR LIFE. The Kirk Douglas notable pictures include: PATHS OF GLORY, THE VIKINGS, SEVEN DAYS IN MAY, THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, and SPARTACUS.

Kirk Douglas's credits include:

1946The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1947Out of the Past
1947Mourning Becomes Electra
1948I Walk Alone
1948The Walls of Jericho
1948My Dear Secretary
1949A Letter to Three Wives
1950Young Man with a Horn
1950The Glass Menagerie
1951Along the Great Divide
1951Ace in the Hole
1951Detective Story
1952The Big Trees
1952The Big Sky
1952The Bad and the Beautiful
1953The Story of Three Loves
1953The Juggler
1953Act of Love
1954The Jack Benny Program
195420,000 Leagues Under the Sea
1955The Racers
1955Man Without a Star
1955The Indian Fighter
1956Lust for Life
1957Top Secret Affair
1957Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
1957Paths of Glory
1958The Vikings
1959Last Train from Gun Hill
1959The Devil's Disciple
1960Strangers When We Meet
1961Town Without Pity
1961The Last Sunset
1962Lonely Are the Brave
1962Two Weeks in Another Town
1963The Hook
1963The List of Adrian Messenger
1963For Love or Money
1964Seven Days in May
1965In Harm's Way
1965The Heroes of Telemark
1966Cast a Giant Shadow
1966Is Paris Burning?
1967The Way West
1967The War Wagon
1968Once Upon a Wheel
1968A Lovely Way to Die
1968The Brotherhood
1969The Arrangement
1970There Was a Crooked Man...
1970The Johnny Cash Show
1971To Catch a Spy
1971The Light at the Edge of the World
1971A Gunfight
1972The Master Touch
1973Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1975Once Is Not Enough
1976Victory at Entebbe
1977Holocaust 2000
1978The Fury
1979The Villain
1980Saturn 3
1980Home Movies
1980The Final Countdown
1982The Man from Snowy River
1982Remembrance of Love
1983Eddie Macon's Run
1984Hollywood Greats
1986Tough Guys
1988Inherit the Wind
1991Veraz/Welcome to Veraz
1991Tales from the Crypt
1992The Secret
1994A Century of Cinema
1994Take Me Home Again "The Lies Boys Tell"
1996The Simpsons
2000Touched by an Angel
2003It Runs in the Family
2008Empire State Building Murders