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Kim Novak SuperStar –

Novak in PICNIC.

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Kim Novak is best remembered for her role in Hitchcock's VERTIGO.

Kin Novak is considered one of the last products of the old "Hollywood Studio" system, Novak was frequently put down by critics, often unfairly.

Beautiful and cat-like, Novak's defining role would have to be PICNIC, where she burned up the screen with co-star William Holden.

Kim Novak's other notable movies include: VERTIGO, BELL BOOK AND CANDLE, and OF HUMAN BONDAGE. In later life, Novak retired to Northern California, taking the occasional film or TV role.

Kim Novak's film credits include:

1954The French Line
1955Son of Sinbad
19555 Against the House
1955The Man with the Golden Arm
1956The Eddy Duchin Story
1957Jeanne Eagels
1957Pal Joey
1958Bell, Book and Candle
1959Middle of the Night
1960Strangers When We Meet
1962The Notorious Landlady
1962Boys' Night Out
1964Of Human Bondage
1964Kiss Me, Stupid
1965The Amorous Adventures of Moll Flanders
1968The Legend of Lylah Clare
1969The Great Bank Robbery
1973Tales That Witness Madness
1973The Third Girl from the Left
1975Satan's Triangle
1977The White Buffalo
1979Just a Gigolo
1980The Mirror Crack'd
1985Alfred Hitchcock Presents
1986–87Falcon Crest
1990The Children


Kim Novak in VERTIGO