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roberts Julia Roberts' electrifying smile is enough to knock you off your feet. But add deep, penetrating eyes, and a laugh that sounds like wind chimes and you have your nineties version of the lovely miss Audrey Hepburn. She's classy, she's proper, and she makes men swoon by the thousands in lovely romantic comedies, although Roberts didn't always play the prim and proper girl. Julia played the role of a prostitute in "Pretty Woman." Her natural talent to move audiences of all aberrations continues through her superb performances in movies such as "Notting Hill", and her recent flick, (that reunites her with co-star, Richard Gere, of "Pretty Woman"), "Runaway Bride".

Her life has many more chapters to come, and hopefully within them she'll deliver more touching performances in blockbuster comedy-romances. As Sally Fields once said, "Men think Julia is extraordinarily beautiful. And women think they went to school with her." For that reason everyone will always know Miss Julia Roberts.

Her brother, Eric Roberts ("Runaway Train") has made something of a career for himself as a movie and TV character actor.

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