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travolta It's hard to put John Travolta's accomplishments into words. A terrific husband, and proud father, the man is honest, sincere, and knows the meaning of the words, hard work and commitment. It is because of these genuine qualities that we find that special something in John. He seems to connect with each member of the audience individually. He's just got that certain aura about him that people can relate to. I think Nora Ephron pretty much summed John up when she said, "He's half child and half adult, half innocent and half sexual, half male and half female."

To movie lovers everywhere, John was know as either the "Sweat Hog, the Dancing Fool, or the Urban Cowboy." In 1977, he shook his butt like never before, in those tight, as could possibly be, polyester pants in "Saturday Night Fever." His more sensitive side emerged, in 1980's "Urban Cowboy." In 1981, Travolta was exploring the depths of his talent in what was one of his darkest characters in "Blow Out."

From then on out he seemed to have disappeared until, in 1994, when he made an explosive comeback in "Pulp Fiction." In 1995, he pressed on with his whole mafia-like scene, in "Get Shorty." But alas, we must not forget the first film in which Travolta stopped women dead in their tracks, with his cool, yet humble character in the hit musical, "Grease", co-starring Olivia Newton John. "Michael." Shortly thereafter, he was back in the swing of things with his action persona, in the blockbuster, co-starring the infamous Nicholas Cage, in "Face Off." John's talent is insurmountable, his passion and sincerity untouchable, and all the while, he has remained the levelheaded, loving person that millions of fans fell in love with years ago. 

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John Travolta

John Travolta with his PULP FICTION co-stars.

With Olivia Newton John
in "Grease"
"Look Who's Talking"

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