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James Cagney Quotes...

[about his most famous misquoted line] "I never actually said, 'Nnng-you dirty ra-at!' What I actually said was [imitating Cary Grant]: 'Judy! Judy! Judy!'"

"Once a song and dance man, always a song and dance man. Those few words tell as much about me professionally as there is to tell."


James Cagney Interviews...

James Cagney & Dustin Hoffman Short Interview BBC VIDEO INTERVIEW Cagney 1931 Interview WATCH JAMES INTERVIEW Parkinson BBC James Cagney Pat O'Brien (two parts) 70s CAGNEY VIDEO 1 * CAGNEY VIDEO 2 James Cagney Hitching of the trousers - JAMES CAGNEY ON VIDEO What's my Line? James Cagney - CAGNEY ON VIDEO James Cagney Accepts AFI Life Achievement Award WATCH JAMES CAGNEY


Cagney and Joan Blondell
in "Blonde Crazy" (1931)

James Cagney with
Jean Harlow in "Public Enemy."


James Cagney & Barbara Stanwyck
in "These Wilder Years"