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Jackie Chan - Kung Fu with a Smile

Jackie Chan was born as Kong-sang Chan and he grew up practicing Martial Arts. He starred in many films produced in Hong Kong and was a huge box-office star prior to coming to Hollywood.

Jackie started out as a stunt player, but soon graduated to bigger and bigger roles, finally becoming a stunt coordinator, which led to his being a director.

His first big hit in America was RUSH HOUR, co-starring with Chris Rock. The American film that made Chan a huge star in America was SHANGHAI NOON. Jackie Chan followed this big success up with RUSH HOUR 2 and SHANGHAI KNIGHTS.

Jackie Chan does his own stunts, and usually shows the audience his mishaps (bloopers) during the ending credits.

Chan's newest credits include: DRAGON BLADE (2015) and POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN (2013).