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Jack Lemmon Quotes...

"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure."

"If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong golf ball."

"I won’t quit until I get run over by a truck, a producer or a critic."


Jack Lemmon with his mother
on "The Great Race" set.


With Fred Astaire in a TV special.

An early film with Judy Holiday.

Jack Lemmon Quotes...

Jack Lemmon was interviewed for two hours in Beverly Hills, CA.  Lemmon discussed his early television appearances on sitcoms, anthology teleplays, and guest appearances in variety shows.

Four parts all available at below: Jack Lemmon video interview in Beverly Hills Jack Lemmon interviewed by Chet Cooper

(This may be the last interview Jack Lemmon granted. As you will see, he was in good spirits although at the time he was battling cancer. Read Jack Lemmon Rare interview 1962 - Jack Lemmon on the set of the 1962 film, "The Days of Wine and Roses" is interviewed by Adam in 2008 about his current film and film acting in general. Jack Lemmon interview 1962 Lemmon & Walter Matthau 1981 Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau Video Interview

Jack Lemmon winning an Oscar for "Save the Tiger"
Jack Lemmon Video Lemmon interview with Jimmy Carter ... Watch Jimmy Carter interviews Jack Lemmon Inside The Actor's Studio Jack Lemmon, Six Parts...

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Jack Lemmon with Shirley McClaine

Jack Lemmon in THE APARTMENT (1960)

Jack won an Oscar for his performance
in "Save The Tiger"

Jack Lemmon with Henry Fonda
and William Powell in "Mister Roberts"