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The Henry Fonda Bio henry-fonda-poster posters-fonda

Hollywood went through a point in time when they looked for gods and goddesses. Yet through all of the blinding perfection Fonda came through as one of us, and ironically enough, was a complete success; if not a legend.

His characters always seemed life-sized, he could take the simplest character and add so much charisma it knocked you off your feet. He had grit and as some would say, true gumption which he applied to all of his roles. Starting his career off, in 1940, with "Grapes Of Wrath", he proved to have a special quality that would lead him to Hollywood stardom in no time.

In 1941 he delighted us in "The Lady Eye".Sixteen years later in 1957 he delivered an epic performance, in "12 Angry Men." A short time later, he was back in action with 1968's, "Once Upon A Time In The West", where we see his talented dark side. Finally, he dazzled us all in his 1981 film, "On Golden Pond", which delivered to him a well- deserved Oscar. He played heroes yet made their qualities realistic. He rose to every challenge and it was evident in "The Ox-Bow Incident," (1943) as well as "Fail-Safe." (1964) "He was wonderful to play with; very true-very natural", said Katharine Hepburn.

Henry Fonda's son Peter ("Easy Rider")
and daughter Jane ("Coming Home") both have acting careers.

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Henry Fonda Quotes...

fonda-posters"I've been close to Bette Davis for thirty-eight years - and I have the cigarette burns to prove it."

"If there is something in my eyes, a kind of honesty in the face, then I guess you could say that's the man I'd like to be, the man I want to be."

"I'm not really Henry Fonda. Nobody could have that much integrity." 


Henry Fonda Interviews...

Henry Fonda Talks about his casting in Once Upon A Time in the West...


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Henry Fonda with Barbara
Stanwyck in "The Mad Miss Manton".


In "Mr. Roberts" with
Jack Lemmon and William Powell.