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Errol Flynn - sword fighter

errol-flynnWildly popular, Errol Flynn was a phenomenally successful movie star/sex symbol of the 1930s and '40s.

Errol Flynn's defining role was in THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. Other notable roles include: CAPTAIN BLOOD, THEY DIED WITH THEIR BOOTS ON, and THE SUN ALSO RISES.

Flynn was involved in a sensational trial, in which he was accused of having sex with two underage girls on a boat. When he was found not guilty, the phrase "In Like Flynn" became a part of the popular vocabulary.

When Errol Flynn died, at age 50, he was said to have the body of a 70 year old man.


Errol Flynn's film credits include:

1933In the Wake of the Bounty
1933I Adore You
1935Murder at Monte Carlo
1935The Case of the Curious Bride
1935Don't Bet on Blondes
1935Captain Blood
1936The Charge of the Light Brigade
1937The Green Light
1937The Prince and the Pauper
1937Another Dawn
1937The Perfect Specimen
1938The Adventures of Robin Hood
1938Four's a Crowd
1938The Sisters
1938The Dawn Patrol
1939Dodge City
1939The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex
1940Virginia City
1940The Sea Hawk
1940Santa Fe Trail
1941Footsteps in the Dark
1941Dive Bomber
1941They Died with Their Boots On
1942Desperate Journey
1942Gentleman Jim
1943Edge of Darkness
1943Northern Pursuit
1944Uncertain Glory
1945Objective, Burma!
1945San Antonio
1946Never Say Goodbye
1947Cry Wolf
1947Escape Me Never
1948Silver River
1948Adventures of Don Juan
1949That Forsyte Woman
1950Rocky Mountain
1951Hello God
1951Adventures of Captain Fabian
1952Mara Maru
1952Against All Flags
1953The Master of Ballantrae
1954Crossed Swords
1954The Story of William Tell
1955Lilacs in the Spring
1955The Dark Avenger (aka "The Warriors")
1955King's Rhapsody
1957The Big Boodle
1957The Sun Also Rises
1958Too Much, Too Soon
1958The Roots of Heaven
1959Cuban Rebel Girls