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Doris Day - Romantic Lead

doris-dayDoris Day, born Doris Kappelhoff, launched her career as a singer with dance bands in the late 1940s. She achieved quick recognition and popularity.

By the 1960s Doris Day had become the queen of the suggestive (for the time) Hollywood sex comedy, usually opposite Rock Hudson. Day also appeared in a string of popular films opposite many other top stars, including Cary Grant, David Niven, James Garner, and Richard Harris. Doris Day's defining role was with Cary Grant in THAT TOUCH OF MINK as a "good girl" pursued by playboy Grant.

Her notable films include: SEND ME NO FLOWERS and PILLOW TALK.

Doris Day continued to make films, of varying popularity, eventually retiring from film in the late 1960s. In 1968, Day's last feature was WITH SIX YOU GET EGG ROLL, opposite Brain Keith.

Director Albert Brooks recently tried to lure Doris Day out of retirement, to appear opposite him in MOTHER, to no effect. Debbie Reynolds eventually left her retirement to take the roll.