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Cary Grant - Modern Man

cary-grantA big star for decades, Cary Grant only seemed to get better with age. The epitome of masculinity, grace, and charm, Grant cast a spell over his audience which endured for many years.

Cary Grant's defining role was as the innocent advertising executive caught up in murder and intrigue in Hitchcock's NORTH BY NORTHWEST. Other notable Grant films include BRINGING UP BABY, THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, TO CATCH A THIEF, GUNGA DIN, HIS GIRL FRIDAY, TOPPER, NOTORIOUS, OPERATION PETTICOAT, AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, and CHARADE.

Originally discovered by Mae West, Cary Grant came to represent the epitome of the ultimate modern, sophisticated man. Cary Grant was a real trouper up until the end, dying in 1986, while performing on stage.