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Cary Grant - Modern Man

cary-grantA big star for decades, Cary Grant only seemed to get better with age. The epitome of masculinity, grace, and charm, Grant cast a spell over his audience which endured for many years.

Cary Grant's defining role was as the innocent advertising executive caught up in murder and intrigue in Hitchcock's NORTH BY NORTHWEST. Other notable Grant films include BRINGING UP BABY, THE PHILADELPHIA STORY, TO CATCH A THIEF, GUNGA DIN, HIS GIRL FRIDAY, TOPPER, NOTORIOUS, OPERATION PETTICOAT, AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER, and CHARADE.

Originally discovered by Mae West, Cary Grant came to represent the epitome of the ultimate modern, sophisticated man. Cary Grant was a real trouper up until the end, dying in 1986, while performing on stage.

Cary Grant's film credits include:

1932This Is the Night
1932Sinners in the Sun
1932Merrily We Go to Hell
1932Devil and the Deep
1932Blonde Venus
1932Hot Saturday
1932Madame Butterfly
1933She Done Him Wrong
1933The Woman Accused
1933The Eagle and the Hawk
1933Gambling Ship
1933I'm No Angel
1933Alice in Wonderland
1934Thirty-Day Princess
1934Born to Be Bad
1934Kiss and Make-Up
1934Ladies Should Listen
1935Enter Madame
1935Wings in the Dark
1935The Last Outpost
1935Sylvia Scarlett
1936Big Brown Eyes
1936The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss
1936Wedding Present
1937When You're in Love
1937The Toast of New York
1937The Awful Truth
1938Bringing Up Baby
1939Gunga Din
1939Only Angels Have Wings
1939In Name Only
1940His Girl Friday
1940My Favorite Wife
1940The Howards of Virginia
1940The Philadelphia Story
1941Penny Serenade
1942The Talk of the Town
1942Once Upon a Honeymoon
1943Mr. Lucky
1943Destination Tokyo
1944Once Upon a Time
1944Arsenic and Old Lace
1944None But the Lonely Heart
1946Night and Day
1947The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer
1947The Bishop's Wife
1948Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
1948Every Girl Should Be Married
1949I Was a Male War Bride
1951People Will Talk
1952Room for One More
1952Monkey Business
1953Dream Wife
1955To Catch a Thief
1957An Affair to Remember
1957The Pride and the Passion
1957Kiss Them for Me
1959North by Northwest
1959Operation Petticoat
1960The Grass Is Greener
1962That Touch of Mink
1964Father Goose
1966Walk, Don't Run