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Bruce Willis, SuperStar -

Willis in DEATH WISH.

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Bruce Willis - Mr. Die Hard

Bruce Willis' defining film role was John McLane, a tough New York cop in DIE HARD. His other notable films include: PULP FICTION, DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE, 12 MONKEYS, LAST MAN STANDING, ARMAGEDDON, and THE FIFTH ELEMENT. THE SIXTH SENSE is Bruce's biggest box-office hit to date.

After tending bar in New York, and then achieving stardom on TV in Moonlighting opposite Cybil Sheppard, Bruce Willis achieved movie superstardom in the 1990s.

Although Willis frequently sports a wig, or partial hairpiece, he appeared in films like PULP FICTION and 12 MONKEYS with little or no hair and still kept his fans.

Bruce Willis was married to superstar actress Demi Moore.

Bruce Willis's film credits include:

1980The First Deadly Sin
1982The Verdict
1987Blind Date
1988Die Hard
1989In Country
1989Look Who's Talking
1989That's Adequate
1990Die Hard 2
1990Look Who's Talking Too
1990The Bonfire of the Vanities
1991Mortal Thoughts
1991Hudson Hawk
1991Billy Bathgate
1991The Last Boy Scout
1992The Player
1992Death Becomes Her
1993Loaded Weapon 1
1993Striking Distance
1994Color of Night
1994Pulp Fiction
1994Nobody's Fool
1995Die Hard with a Vengeance
1995Four Rooms
199512 Monkeys
1996Last Man Standing
1997The Fifth Element
1997The Jackal
1998Mercury Rising
1998The Siege
1999Breakfast of Champions
1999Franky Goes to Hollywood
1999The Sixth Sense
1999The Story of Us
2000The Whole Nine Yards
2000Disney's The Kid
2002Hart's War
2002The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course
2002Grand Champion
2003Tears of the Sun
2003Rugrats Go Wild
2003Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
2004The Whole Ten Yards
2004Ocean's Twelve
2005Sin City
2006Alpha Dog
200616 Blocks
2006Fast Food Nation
2006Lucky Number Slevin
2006The Hip Hop Project
2006Over the Hedge
2006Hammy's Boomerang Adventure
2007The Astronaut Farmer
2007Perfect Stranger
2007Grindhouse: Planet Terror
2007Nancy Drew
2007Live Free or Die Hard
2008What Just Happened
2008Assassination of a High School President
2010Cop Out
2010The Expendables
2011Set Up
2011Catch .44
2011The Black Mamba
2012Moonrise Kingdom
2012Lay the Favorite
2012The Expendables 2
2012The Cold Light of Day
2012Fire with Fire
2013A Good Day to Die Hard
2013G.I. Joe: Retaliation
2013Red 2
2014Sin City: A Dame to Kill For
2014The Prince
2015Rock the Kasbah
2016Precious Cargo
2017Once Upon a Time in Venice
2017First Kill
2018Acts of Violence
2018Death Wish
2018Unbreakable Spirit

Bruce Willis's television credits include:

1980A Guru Comes
1984Miami Vice
1985The Twilight Zone
1987The Return of Bruno
1989Saturday Night Live
1996–1997Bruno the Kid
1997Mad About You
1999Ally McBeal
2005That '70s Show
2013Saturday Night Live
2018The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis