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About Bruce Willis...

"Die Hard 3"
with Samuel L. Jackson
Bruce Willis is a natural if ever there was one. His ability to intertwine passion with compassion, as well as the hardheaded, macho male attitude, earned him the opportunity to make himself the next Humphrey Bogart. In 1988, he broke into the movie business with "Die Hard", an action packed blockbuster. The very next year he surprised us with "In Country", (1989).

For a while his apparent cockiness was seen through roles in movies like 1991's "The Last Boy Scout", and "Hudson Hawk." Yet, with comedies like"Death Becomes Her", costarring Merrill Streep and Goldie Hawn, as well as 1994's "Nobody's Fool", he learned to calm down and accept his stardom gracefully. He shocked audiences in the deep sci-fi thrillers, "12 Monkeys" in '95, and a few years later, in "The Fifth Element." In 1998's "Armageddon", Bruce became an international movie star, gaining the respect of men and women for his genuine character of both a devoted and overprotective father, and a hard-core, immature, party-loving, oil-driller who inevitably saves the world and his daughter's future.

His character has never been more perfectly defined than when his ex-wife, Demi Moore, stated, "He's very confident. He has a real sense of self, and he doesn't apologize for who he is or what he has." (CD)

"The Sixth Sense" was Bruce's biggest financial hit.

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Bruce in THE SIEGE


Bruce with his PULP FICTION co-stars

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