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The SuperStar List –


SUPERSTAR DEFINITION – By our definition, a "SuperStar" is a movie actor or actress who can "open" a movie, someone whose fans rush to see their latest film on opening weekend. They have a proven track record of box office hits. They are frequently household names. It also helps if they have gotten critical acclaim and/or Oscar nominations. A "SuperStar" can be identified by his/her first name like "Mel" or Julia" or "Harrison." A "SuperStar," whether it's Humphrey Bogart or Tom Cruise, usually plays him/herself in role after role, as opposed to losing themselves in a different screen character, movie after movie.

Tom Hanks is a SuperStar. Robert Duvall is not a SuperStar, even though he is a brilliant actor. We have listed him as a character actor, and as an Award Winner, and as one of the best actors of the last 50+ years.


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