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Zoe Saldana –

Saldana in Avatar.

About Zoe Saldana (1978 – )
Zoe Saldana has the lithe figure and graceful moves of a dancer, combined with a smooth, cafe au lait complexion, warm brown eyes and silky black hair.

The New Jersey born Zoe Saldana moved from Queens, with her family, to the Dominican Republic at age 10. She trained in ballet and other dance styles. Her training in dance as well as her acting talent landed her a role as the strong willed, driven ballerina Eva, in the 2000 film, Center Stage. Saldana played lead roles in many lesser known films.

In 2003, she had a small role in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Zoe Saldana played Uhura in the 2009 prequel Star Trek, the highest grossing Star Trek film of all time.

Her most well known role was in the 2009 James Cameron sci-fi blockbuster, Avatar. Through the technique of "performance capture", Zoe Saldana played the Na'vi clan member, Neytiri. While Saldana herself did not appear in the film, a computer generated creation, sporting a long tail, was based on detailed feedback of the actresses movements on a soundstage, becoming the visual representation of the character. The film grossed a whopping two billion dollars.

Zoe Saldana also played a mysterious operative in the spy thriller, The Losers in 2010.

Zoe Saldana's notable movie credits include...

Gardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Out Of The Furnace (2013)
Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)
The Words (2012)
Colombiana (2011)
Takers (2010)
Burning Palms (2010)
Death At A Funeral (2010)
Avatar (2009)
Star Trek (2009)
The Skeptic (2009)
Vantage Point (2008)
Blackout (2007)
After Sex (2007)
The Heart Specialist (2006)
Premium (2006)
Guess Who (2005)
Constellation (2004)
Temptation (2004)
Haven (2004)






Zoe Saldana in Star Trek (2009).