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Yaphet Kotto –

Kotto in BRUBAKER.

About Yaphet Kotto (1937 – )
Yaphet Kotto was born in New York City.

Sometimes Yaphet Kotto is credited as Yaphet Cotto.

We will usually see Yaphet Kotto playing a role of a police detectives or military officers this has became his trademark role.

In 1964, Yaphet Kotto made his big-screen debut in Nothing But a Man.

In the Bay area, Yaphet Kotto has a hard-core punk band named after him.

Yaphet Kotto is best remembered for for his performance in the 1973 James Bond entry Live and Let Die.

In 1979 Yaphet Kotto suffered a grisly fate in the hit movie Alien.

Yaphet Kotto has had a few TV Guest appearances on The A-Team, Hill Street Blues, Daniel Boone, and Bonanza.

For the role of Mark Johnson in The Limit in 1972, Yaphet Kotto had his hands full. He played the character, wrote the story, directed and produced the film.

Both of Yaphet Kotto parents are African Jews. In an interview he said being fully Black and Jewish gave others even more reason to pick on him growing up in New York City. However, to this day, he remains a devout, practicing Jew.

Yaphet Kotto is a regular on TV's Homicide: Life on the Streets. He plays the role of Lt. Al Giardello. Yaphet Kotto was a writer for the series. He also played the same character in the TV movie Homicide: The Movie in 2000.

Yaphet Kotto's notable movie credits include...

the thomas crown affair (1968)
the liberation of l.b. jones (1970)
across 110th street (1972)
live and let die (1973)
report to the commissioner (1975)
drum (1976)
monkey hustle (1976)
blue collar (1978)
alien (1979)
brubaker (1980)
the star chamber (1983)
warning sign (1985)
eye of the tiger (1986)
the running man (1987)
midnight run (1988)
terminal entry (1988)
ministry of vengeance (1989)
Tripwire (1990)
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)
Extreme Justice (1993)
The Puppet Masters (1994)
Out Of Sync (1995)
Almost Blue (1996)
Two If By Sea (1996)
Dead Badge (1999)
Witless Protection (2008)

Yaphet Kotto's television credits include...

The Chrome Soldiers (Cable) (1992)
Homicide: Life On The Street (Series 1993)
Stiletto Dance (TV Movie) (2001)






Yaphet Kotto in Midnight Run.



Yaphet Kotto in Alien.




Yaphet Kotto in Live and Let Die (1973).


Kotto in The Thomas Crown Affair (1968).



Yaphet Kotto in Across 110th Street (1972).