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Vincent Gardenia –


About Vincent Gardenia (1920 – 1992)
Vincent Gardenia was born on January 7, 1922, in Naples, Italy. On December 9, 1992, Vincent Gardenia passed away in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from a heart attack.

Vincenzo Scognamiglio in Vincent Gardenia's birth name.

Sometimes Vincent Gardenia was credited as Vince Gardenia.

His performance in The TV movie, Age-Old Friends, won Vincent Gardenia an Emmy.

In 1989, Vincent Gardenia was honored with the tiltle, "The King of Brooklyn," at the Welcome Back to Brooklyn Festival.

A great actor, Vincent Gardenia was honored twice with Academy Award nominations. The first was in 1973, for his portrayal of a baseball manager in Bang the Drum Slowly. His second was in 1987, for playing Cher's father in the hit movie, Moonstruck.

The last time the audience was able to see Vincent Gardenia on the big screen was in his last movie, The Super, playing "Big Lou Kritski," in 1991.

Changing history, Vincent Gardenia's memory was honored in Brooklyn, New York. At 16th Avenue, between Cropsey Avenue & Shore Parkway, they renamed the block were he lived: Vincent Gardenia Blvd.

Playing Det Frank Ochoa in the 1974 hit movie, Death Wish, became a well known role for Vincent Gardenia, so it was to no surprise when he played the part again in the sequel, Death Wish II, in 1982.

On the popular TV series L.A. Law, Vincent Gardenia had a recurring role, playing Murray Mel man.

Vincent Gardenia's notable movie credits include...

The super (1991)
moonstruck (1987)
little shop of horrors (1986)
death wish ii (1982)
heaven can wait (1978)
death wish (1974)
Mission Impossible Versus The Mob (1968)



Vincent Gardenia in The Front Page (1974).


Gardenia in Moonstruck.


Vincent Gardenia in
Where's Poppa?