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Vernon Wells –

vernon-wells-image Wells in Road Warrior.

About Vernon Wells (1945 – )
Vernon George Wells was born in Rushworth, Victoria, Australia, on December 31, 1945.  As an  Australian film and television actor, he built his career around action-type films; usually cast as a villain.

Before becoming an actor, Vernon delved in a variety of careers; working in a quarry, as a salesman, in the theatre and in rock bands. It was the theatre that led him into Australian TV commercials, print ads, and local Australian TV shows such as: Homicide, and Matlock. He also was cast in historical TV mini-series, such as: Against The Wind, Sara Dane, and All The Rivers Run.

His first cinema appearance was a minor role in Felicity (1979). This led to a larger role when he was cast as the homicidal biker "Wez", in the big budget, Mad Max 2 (1981), filmed in New South Wales, Australia. It is the role for which Vernon is probably best known to international audiences.

In 1984, Vernon landed a role in the film, Weird Science. Afterwards, he did a HBS movie called Fortress. In between, Vernon kept busy appearing on television with guest starring roles, on The Fall Guy, McGyver, Knightrider, Hunter and TNT.

In 1992, Wells appeared in one of the few roles in which he is not cast as a villain, in the short-lived 1992 television comedy series, The Amazing Live Sea Monkeys. After that experiment, he returned to portraying dastardly villians in the films Circuitry Man (1990), Kick of Death (1997), Starforce (2000), and Power Rangers: Time Force (2001).

Vernon's talents stayed in demand in the years that followed with roles in movies such as Chastity (2005), Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground (2009) and The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie (2010), to name a few.

Vernon Wells's notable movie credits include...

The Road Warrior: Mad Max 2 (1981)
Commando (1985)
Weird Science (1985)
Fortress (1986)
Innerspace (1987)
American Eagle (1989)
Circuitry Man (1990)
The Shrimp on the Barbie (1990)
Fortress (1993)
Ultimatum (1994)
Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II (1994)
Manosaurus (1994)
Space Truckers (1996)
Power Rangers: Time Force (2001)
Beneath Loch Ness (2001)
Curse of the Forty-Niner (2003)
Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)
Devil's Knight (2003)
King of the Ants (2003)
Chastity (2005)
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2006)
Tru Loved (2007)
Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground (2009)
The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie (2010)
Westbrick Murders (2010)
The Dead Undead (2010)


Vernon Wells in The Road Warrior (1981).