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Jean-Claude Van Damme –


About Jean-Claude Van Damme (1960 – )
Jean-Claude Van Damme is an action leading man who was born in Brussels, Belgium.

Birth name Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg, his nickname is Muscles from Brussels.

A former multiple World Kickboxing Champion, Don "The Dragon" Wilson even offered Jean-Claude a "$100,000" bounty match to get into the ring and fight him, Jean Claude Van Damme.

Thanks to Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme got a job as a bouncer at a club. Then he gave Van Damme a small role in the movie, Missing In Action.

In 1984, Jean Claude Van Damme got a role as a villain named Ivan, in the movie No Retreat, No Surrender.

Jean Claude Van Damme has made his moves his trademark. He is best known for his 360-degree ultimate leaping & super flying karate kicks.

Using his birth name Jean-Claude Vandenberg as his fighting name, as a middleweight, Jean Claude Van Damme captured a version of the European Middleweight Kickboxing Championship, in 1980, with a first round knockout that was recorded in less than a minute.

In 1989, Jean Claude Van Damme was sued for "wilfully" gouging the eye of an extra in a sword fight while filming Cyborg.

Jean Claude Van Damme can speak Flemish, English, French, Spanish and German.

Take a new step Jean Claude Van Damme had his directorial debut, in 1996, with The Quest.

While walking on the streets, Jean Claude Van Damme spotted a producer for Cannon Pictures, and showed some of his martial arts abilities. By showing his stuff, Jean Claude was given the lead in Bloodsport (1988).

It would not be till 1994 that Jean Claude Van Damme would get his big break in the world wide hit Timecop.

Jean-Claude Van Damme's notable movie credits include...

Black Eagle (1988)
Bloodsport (1988)
Kickboxer (1989)
Death Warrant (1990)
Lionheart (1990)
Double Impact (1991)
no where to run (1993)
hard target (1993)
last action hero (cameo) (1993)
street fighter (1994)
Sudden Death (1995)
The Quest (And Directed) (1996)
Maximum Risk (1996)
Double Team (1997)
Knock Off (1998)
Legionnaire (1998)
Inferno (1999)
Replicant (2001)
The Order (2001)
Derailed (2002)
In Hell (2003)
Wake Of Death (2004)
Sinav (2006)
Until Death (2007)
The Shepherd: Border Patrol (2008)
Universal Soldier: Regeneration (2009)
Expendables 2 (2012)
Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2016)




Van Damme in Double Team (1997).




Jean-Claude Van Damme in Maximum Risk (1996).


Jean-Claude Van Damme in Hard Target.




Jean-Claude Van Damme in DOUBLE IMPACT (1991).