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Valeria Golino –


Golino in Rain Man.

About Valeria Golino (1966– )
Valeria Golino was born on October 22, 1966 in Naples, Campania, Italy.

Golino is the second child of an Italian germanist and a Greek painter. Valeria speaks in 4 languages: English, French, Greek and Italian.

In 1985, Golino acted in a leading role in a film by Peter Del Monte Little Fires and the next year won the Best Actress Award at Venice Film Festival for Storia D'Amore.

Valeria Golino began modeling at the age of 14.

In 1983, Valeria Golino was discovered by director Lina Wertmuller, who cast her as the teenaged musician in A Joke of Destiny.

Valeria Golino produced and performed in a film as well, by Greek Director Andrea Pantzis The Slaughter of the Cock.

Valeria is best known by many as Tom Cruise's sympathetic girlfriend in Rain Man (1988).

Valeria Golino's notable movie credits include...

La Kryptonite Nella Borsa (2011)
A Butterfly Kiss (2011)
La Scuola E Finita (2010)
Come Un Soffio (2010)
The French Kissers (2009)
CA$H (2008)
Quiet Chaos (2008)
The Girl By The Lake (2007)
Black Sun II (2007)
Actresses (2007)
My Place In The Sun (2007)
Our Country (2006)
Ole! (2005)
Texas (2005)
Department 36 (2004)
alive (2004)
frida (2002)
hotel (2001)
things you can tell just by looking at her (2000)
hot shots! part deux
immortal beloved (1994)
hot shots (1991)
rain man (1988)
blind date (1984)


Valeria Golino in Frida (2002).