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Tom Skerritt –

Skerritt in CONTACT.

About Tom Skerritt (1933 – )
Tom Skerritt is an American leading and supporting actor, with rugged good looks and a versatile talent, who came to his biggest fame on television, though he has been in many fine films and has tried his hand at directing as well.

Tom Skerritt attended Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, and UCLA in Los Angeles and was first noticed as an actor in UCLA's production of The Rainmaker. His debut movie was War Hunt, in 1962. Throughout the '60s, Tom Skerritt found regular gigs doing guest spots on various T.V. shows.

Skerritt's big break in film happened when he was cast, along with Donald Sutherland and Elliot Gould as doctors in Robert Altman's biting satire MASH. Several other film roles quickly followed. Tom Skerritt then landed the plum role of Capt. Dallas in ALIEN.

Tom Skerritt has worked steadily in both film and TV, in entertaining roles, and has been on the stage as well. His performance as Sheriff Brock, in the great TV series, Picket Fences, earned Tom an Emmy, in 1994.

Tom has three sons and one daughter.

Tom Skerritt's notable movie credits include...

War Hunt (1962)
One Man's Way (1964)
those callaways (1965)
m.a.s.h. (1970)
wild rovers (1971)
thieves like us (1974)
big bad mama (1974)
fuzz (1972)
the devil's rain (1975)
the turning point (1977)
up in smoke (1978)
ice castles (1978)
alien (1979)
a dangerous summer (1982)
silence of the north (1981)
fighting back (1982)
the dead zone (1983)
top gun (1986)
opposing force (1986)
space camp (1986)
maid to order
wisdom (1987)
the big town (1987)
poltergeist 3 (1988)
steel magnolias (1989)
the rookie (1990)
wild orchard 2 (1991)
poison ivy (1992)
a river runs through it (1992)
contact (1997)
smoke signals (1998)
the other sister (1999)
texas rangers (2001)
path to war (2002)
Tuscaloosa (2002)
Tears Of The Sun (2003)
Swing (2003)
Bonneville (2006)
Beer For My Horses (2008)
Whiteout (2009)
Black, White And Blues (2010)
Soda Springs (2011)
Ted (2012)
At Middleton (2014)

Tom Skerritt's television credits include...

Getting Up And Going Home (Cable) (1992)
Ryans Four (Series 1983)
Picket Fences (Series 1992)
Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis (Mini-Series) (2000)
The Grid (Mini-Series 2004)
Desperation (2005 - Mini-Series 2006)


Tom Skerritt in Space Camp (1986).


Tom Skerritt in Alien.




Skerritt with his co-stars in Steel Magnolias (1989).


Skerritt in The Turning Point (1977).




Tom Skerritt in Ice Castles (1978).


Tom Skerritt in KOLCHAK: The Night Stalker (1974 television) .