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Tom Sizemore –


About Tom Sizemore (1961 – )
Tom Sizemore was born on September 29, 1961 in Detroit, Michigan.

In 1989 Sizemore's first break came when Oliver Stone cast him in a bit part in Born on the Fourth of July.

Tom Sizemore 1994 proved to be an even bigger year for Sizemore, as he won the role of Bat Masterson in Kevin Costner's star-studded biopic Wyatt Earp.

In 1997 Tom Sizemore earned his first big leading role in The Relic.

Tom Sizemore had his nose accidentally broken by Juliette Lewis during the filming of the prison cell fight scene in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers (1994).

According to a 2001 interview with The Calgary Sun, Tom Sizemore credits Robert De Niro with turning his life around during the filming of Witness To The Mob. De Niro showed up on his doorstep with Tom's mother and told him they were there to drive him to jail or rehab. Sizemore chose rehab.

Tom Sizemore's notable movie credits include...

Visible Scars (2012)
El Cartel De Los Sapos (2011)
Cousin Sarah(2011)
The Speak (2011)
Chlorine (2011)
Cross (2011)
Collar (2011)
Cellmates (2011)
Black Gold (2011)
Radical (2011)
Suing The Devil (2011)
Big Money Rustlas (2010)
The Auctioneers (2010)
The Saints Of Mt. Christopher (2010)
Double Duty (2009)
Good God Bad Dog (2009)
Toxic (2008)
The Grind (2008)
Stiletto (2008)
The Last Lullaby (2008)
The Flyboys (2008)
Red (2008)
Oranges (2008
American Son (2008)
Protecting The King (2007)
A Broken Life (2007)
Commute (2007)
A Broken Life (2007)
White Air (2007)
The Genius Club (2006)
Splinter (2006)
Shut Up And Shoot! (2006)
Ring Around The Rosie (2006)
Zyzzyx Rd. (2006)
Bottom Feeder (2006)
Furnace (2006)
Piggy Banks (2005)
the nickel children (2005)
no rules (2005)
paparazzi (2004)
dreamcatcher (2003)
big trouble (2002)
welcome to America (2002)
pearl harbor (2001)
red planet (2000)
saving private Ryan (1998)
strange days (1995)
heart and souls (1993)
passenger 57 (1992)
point break (1991)
Born On The Fourth Of July (1989)
Rude Awakening (1989)



Tom Sizemore in Devil in a Blue Dress (1995).


Tom Sizemore (right) in Passenger 57.




Sizemore in Strange Days (1995) .


Tom Sizemore in Red Planet (2000).