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Tom Hulce –

Hulce in Amadeus.

About Tom Hulce (1953 – )
Tom Hulce was Born on December 6, 1953 in Detroit, Michigan.

Tom has even directed the off-Broadway musical Sleep Around Town at Playwrights Horizon.

Back in 1977 Tom Hulce landed his first motion picture role in the film about the day James Dean Died, 9/30/55.

The role that put Tom Hulce on the map was the title role of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1984's Best Picture... Amadeus. Tom's portrayal of the man-child musical genius was an Oscar-nominated performance.

Hulce acted in theatrical productions of Equus (which marked his Broadway debut), Tom Hulce played the musical title role in Oliver! at the University of Michigan in 1967.

Tom Hulce's notable movie credits include...

jumper (2008)
stranger than fiction (2006)
disney's the hunchback of notre dame ii (2002)
disney's the hunchback of notre dame (1996)
voice of quasimodo frankenstein (1994)
the inner circle (1991)
parenthood (1989)
animal house (1978)


Tom Hulce in Animal House.


Tom Hulce in Jumper (2008).


Tom Hulce in Amadeus.