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Timothy Hutton, Award Winner

Hutton in LEVERAGE.

Timothy Hutton: Best
Supporting Actor 1980:

Ordinary People (Drama – PG)

Timothy Hutton won his Supporting Oscar for playing the troubled son in an upper middle class family that's mourning the accidental death of his older brother, who was the favorite son of his mother.

About Timothy Hutton (1960 – )

Timothy Hutton was born in Malibu, CA., the child of actor Jim Hutton and Maryline Adams, a teacher. He has appeared in over 70 films and television projects.

Early in his career, Timothy Hutton was cast in Robert Redford's film, Ordinary People [1980]. He became the youngest person to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, as the troubled, surviving brother, who had survivor's guilt, and had tried to commit suicide. This unsuccessful act further strained his relationship with his mother, who has problems of her own. The film begins at this point, showing the struggles of this son to become well, despite his mother's feelings, as the father tries to keep his family together.

He played in the Johnny Depp thriller, Secret Window [2004]. In the 2008 television series, Leverage, he plays an ex-insurance investigator who heads a Mod Squad type crew of ex-criminals who scam rich crooks and crooked businessmen.

In 2010, he played as an ensemble member of Roman Polanski's critically acclaimed The Ghost Writer.

Timothy Hutton has also produced 3 projects. He directed two television projects; a film and a music video.

Timothy Hutton's notable movie credits include...

Taps (1981)
Daniel (1983)
Iceman (1984)
The Falcon & The Snowman (1985)
Turk 182 (1985)
Made In Heaven (1987)
A Time Of Destiny (1988)
Everybody's All American (1988)
Torrents Of Spring (1989)
Q & A (1990)
The Dark Half (1993)
The Temp (1993)
The Dark Half (1993)
French Kiss (1995)
Beautiful Girls (1996)
The Substance Of Fire (1996)
City Of Industry (1997)
Playing God (1997)
The General's Daughter (1999)
Deterrence (1999)
just one night (2000)
sunshine state (2002)
secret window (2004)
Kinsey (2004)
turning green (2005)
last holiday (2006)
stephanie daley (2006)
the kovak box (2006)
heavens fall (2006)
falling objects (2006)
off the black (2006)
the good shepherd (2006)
the last mimzy (2007)
when a man falls in the forest (2007)
Leverage (2008)
The Alphabet Killer (2008)
Reflections (2008)
The Killing Room (2009)
Serious Moonlight (2009)
Multiple Sarcasms (2010)
The Ghost Writer (2010)

Timothy Hutton's television credits include...

Zuma Beach (1978)
Friendly Fire (1979)
And Baby Makes Six (1979)
Young Love, First Love (1979)
Father Figure (1980)
A Long Way Home (1981)
Zelda (1993)
Mr And Mrs Loving (1996)
Aldrich Ames: Traitor Within (1998)
The Golden Spiders: A Nero Wolf Mystery (2000)
A Nero Wolfe Mystery (TV Series 2001 - 2002)
Leverage (2008-2010)


Timothy Hutton in The Good Shepherd (2006).


Hutton in Ordinary People.



Timothy Hutton in Secret Window (2004).