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Timothy Dalton –

Dalton in The Rocketeer.

About Timothy Dalton (1944 – )

British stage actor who was born in Wales.

A spot in camp history is assured by Timothy Dalton participation in Sextette in 1978, playing Mae West's love interest this was his American film debut.

Making his first American appearance on the TV screen, Timothy Dalton was on the TV mini Centennial, in 1978, in which Lynn Redgrave played his wife.

Playing a president and dictator, Timothy Dalton started in The Beautician and the Beast in 1997; also showing a little bit of sword-fighting skills.

In 1992, he starred in the A&E production, Framed, which won a bronze medal in the 1993 New York Film Festivals.

Timothy Dalton gave an excellent performance as an Errol Flynn-like character in Disney's The Rocketeer, in 1991.

In 1993 Timothy Dalton journeyed to northern Alaska and to Minnesota to make a documentary on one of his favorite subjects, Wolves, for the documentary In The Company of Wolves.

For Timothy Dalton performance In The Company of Wolves he went on to win a silver medal in the 1994 New York Film Festival.

Initially, Timothy Dalton appeared in large-scale costume dramas such as The Lion in Winter in 1968, Wuthering Heights as Heathcliff in 1970, and Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1971.

In 1994, Timothy Dalton became the new Clark Gable having the role of Rhett Butler in the miniseries Scarlett.

It was the role that brought his international fame Timothy Dalton tackled Ian Fleming's Secret Agent 007 in The Living Daylights in 1987, and followed that with License To Kill in 1989.

According to the James Bond film tailors in London, at 6' 2", Timothy Dalton is the tallest of all the Bond actors. The tailors who have fitted and measured each of the 5 "Bonds" over the years claim the following heights for each of the other Bond actors: Sean Connery; 6' 1 1/2" without shoes, George Lazenby; 6' 1 1/2" without shoes, Roger Moore; 6' 1" without shoes and Pierce Brosnan; 6' 1" without shoes.

Timothy Dalton's colder, grittier portrayal of James Bond is considered by some die hard fans of the franchise to be the closest to the characterization of Bond from the original novels by Ian Fleming.

Dalton's Sci-Fi credits include: Flash Gordon and The Rocketeer.

Timothy Dalton's notable movie credits include...

the lion in winter (1968)
wuthering heights (1970)
cromwell (1970)
mary queen of scots (1971)
sextette (1978)
agatha (1979)
The Doctor And The Devils (1985)
The Living Daylights (As James Bond) (1987)
License To Kill (As James Bond) (1989)
Brenda Starr (1989)
Hawks (1988)
Naked In New York (1993)
The Beautician And The Beast (1997)
The Informant (1997)
Made Man (1999)
The Reef (1999)
Time Share (2000)
American Outlaws (2001)
Hot Fuzz (2007)
The Tourist (2010)

Timothy Dalton's television credits include...

Framed (1992)
Mistral's Daughter (1984)
Florence Nightingale (1985)
Lie Down With Lions (1994)
Scarlett (Mini-Series, As Rhett Butler) (1994)
Chuck (TV Series) (2010-2011)
Penny Dreadful (2014-2016) (TV Series)




Timothy Dalton (right) in The Lion in Winter.


Timothy Dalton in The Rocketeer (1991).





Dalton in The Tourist (2010).