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Shirley MacLaine,
Award Winner –

maclaine-photo MacLaine in Terms Of Endearment.

Shirley MacLaine: Best Actress 1983:

Terms Of Endearment (Drama – PG)

Shirley MacLaine won her Best Actress Oscar for her performance as the matron of an eccentric Houston family.

About Shirley MacLaine (1934 – )

Shirley MacLaine was born in Richmond, Virginia. She is the older sister of Warren Beatty.

For the film Some Came Running (1958), MacLaine was nominated for a Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance as a tag-along girlfriend of a recent WWII veteran, played by Frank Sinatra.

In 1960, Shirley MacLaine played the troubled lover of a married man in Billy Wilder's The Apartment, with Jack Lemmon as a sympathetic and not-so-innocent bystander. The movie won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Screenplay Oscars. MacLaine was nominated for her poignant portrayal.

MacLaine also starred in Billy Wilder's 1963 comedy, Irma La Douce, the story of a Parisian woman of the night and a soon-to-be ex-cop, played by Jack Lemmon. She was again nominated for an Oscar for her outstanding performance.

MacLaine co-starred with Clint Eastwood in Two Mules For Sister Sara (1970), a story set in Mexico during the Juarista rebellion, in which a prostitute masquerading in the Old West as a nun.

In 1977, MacLaine played the ballet teacher stage mom of a ballerina who experiences regrets at leaving her dancing career to raise a family in The Turning Point. She was again nominated for an Oscar.

The following year, in the movie Being There, Shirley MacLaine played in the fairy tale comedy of Chance, a child-man whose simple-minded aphorisms are mistaken for wisdom by everyone around him.

Finally MacLaine won her Oscar for her portrayal of Aurora, the loving but difficult mother of an equally loving but difficult daughter, in Terms Of Endearment in 1983. The film swept the Oscars for Best Film, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actress and Best Actor (won by Jack Nicholson as a former astronaut and the mother's main squeeze).

MacLaine turned in more memorable performances in Steel Magnolias (1989), Postcards From The Edge (1990) and Guarding Tess (1984).

In addition, she produced, wrote and directed a documentary on life in China. She has produced three Emmy-winning television specials, directed another movie and written two more, including her autobiographical project, Out On A Limb (1987).

MacLaine has acted in over 65 projects, including the 2005 movie Bewitched in which she plays the flamboyant mother witch, Endora.

Shirley MacLaine's notable movie credits include...

The Trouble With Harry (1955)
Artists And Models (1955)
Around The World In 8o Days (1956)
The Matchmaker (1958)
Ask Any Girl (B.F.A.) (1959)
Can-Can (1960)
Ocean's Eleven (1960)
My Geisha (1962)
All In A Night's Work (1961)
Two Loves (1961)
The Children's Hour (1961)
Two For The Seesaw (1962)
What A Way To Go! (1964)
The Yellow Rolls Royce (1964)
Woman Times Seven (1967)
Sweet Charity (1969)
Two Mules For Sister Sara (1970)
Being There (1979)
A Change Of Seasons (1980)
The Bliss Of Mrs Blossom (1968)
Desperate Characters (1971)
The Possession Of Joel Delaney (1972)
Loving Couples (1980)
Cannonball Run 2 (1984)
Steel Magnolias (1998)
Postcards From The Edge (1990)
Used People (1992)
Mrs. Winterbourne (1996)
The Evening Star (1996)
Guarding Tess (1994)
Bruno (2000)
Carolina (2003)
Bewitched (2005)
In Her Shoes (2005)
Rumor Has It... (2005)
Closing The Ring (2007)
Valentine's Day (2010)
The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013)
Elsa And Fred (2014)
Wild Oats (2016)
The Last Word (2017)

Shirley MacLaine's television credits include...

Downton Abby (TV Series 2012-2013)
Glee (TV Series 2014)
Shirley's World (1971 TV Series)
Out On A Limb ( TV Series 1987)
Gypsy In My Soul (TV Movie) (1976)
Joan Of Arc (TV Movie) (1999)
Theses Old Broads (TV Movie) (2001)
The Salem Witch Trials (TV Mini-Series 2002)


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Shirley MacLaine in Around The World In 80 Days.


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Shirley MacLaine in Postcards From The Edge (1990).


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Shirley MacLaine in In Her Shoes (2005).

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Shirley MacLaine in The Apartment.

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MacLaine in The Turning Point (1977).


MacLaine in Two Mules For Sister Sara (1970).



MacLaine in Steel Magnolias (1989).


Shirley MacLaine in Terms Of Endearment (1983).



Shirley MacLaine in Bewitched (2005).