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Shia LaBeouf –

shia LaBeouf in Eagle Eye.
About Shia LaBeouf (1986 – )
Shia LaBeouf was born (June 11th, 1986) in Los Angeles, California, into a family where for generations, various members of both sides of Shia's family tree were active in the performing arts.

His father, a Cajun, was a Vietnam veteran, who held a variety of jobs, but excelled as a comedic clown and a rodeo clown. His mother was a ballet dancer earlier in her life, but made her living selling fabrics and broaches. LaBeouf's parents came up with an interesting name for him. As his mother was Jewish, his first name, Shia, was translated from Hebrew meaning, "a gift from God." Shia's father's last name, "LaBeouf" was French for "Ox".

His father's addiction to pot and heroin eventually broke up the family. Shia LaBeouf grew up poor but happy, living with his mother in Los Angeles. Shia's mother encouraged him in developing his talent as a comedian and actor. He wanted to, because he and his mother needed the money, and he looked at it as a job. He created his own blue comic stand up act when he was still a child of 10, while attending the Los Angeles magnet school for the Performing Arts.

Shia looked through the yellow pages and got himself an agent, and auditioned by Walt Disney. this talented child landed a role in Disney Channels hit weekly show, Even Steven, which was a great blessing for him. Shia grew up on that show, received a Daytime Emmy for his portrayal of Louis, bonded with his father who was the required parent on the set, and it prepared him for his future work as an actor.

Another turning point for Shia was the film, Hole (2003), where he starred as a boy sent to a brutal youth detention camp for something he didn't do. On this film he acted with Sigourney Weaver, and Jon Voight, who became like a father and mentor to young Shia, giving him a book on acting which brought home the point that acting is a desired profession, not just a way to make money to get by. Shia became serious about this profession, and has avoided the party scene in Hollywood, wanting to be taken seriously as an actor.

Steven Spielberg admired Shia's performance in Hole, and cast him as the lead in Transformers, four years later. Impressed with Shia's performance, Steven Spielberg cast Shia again in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

Shia LaBeouf's notable movie credits include...

Fury (2014)
Charlie Countryman (2013)
Lawless (2012)
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (2011)
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009)
New York, I Love You (2009)
Eagle Eye (2008)
Disturbia (2007)
Transformers (2007)
A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints (2006)
Constantine (2005)
I Robot (2004)
The Greatest Game Ever Played (2004)


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Shia LaBeouf in Transformers (2007).


LaBeouf in Constantine (2005).



Shia in Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008).



Shia LaBeouf in Eagle Eye (2008).



Shia in New York I Love You (2009).