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Sal Mineo –

sal-mineo Mineo in The Greatest Story Ever Told.
About Sal Mineo (1939 – 1976)
Sal Mineo was born on January 10, 1939 in The Bronx, New York. On February 12, 1976 Sal Mineo passed away in West Hollywood, California.

Preparing to open a play in Los Angeles in 1976, Sal Mineo returned home from rehearsal the evening of February 12th when he was attacked and stabbed to death by a stranger.

Sometimes Sal Mineo was credited as Salvatore Mineo.

His nickname was The Switchblade Kid. Thrown out of school, by age eight, Sal Mineo was a member of a street gang in a tough Bronx neighborhood. At 10 years old Sal Mineo was arrested for robbery, he was given a choice of juvenile confinement or professional acting school.

Sal Mineo soon appeared in the theatrical production The Rose Tattoo, and as the young prince in The King And I.

In 1957 Sal Mineo tried to start a career as a Rock 'n' Roll singer, he released two singles. The first was Start Movin' In My Direction, it stayed in the USA top 40 for 13 weeks and reached the no. 9 position.

In the 60s Mineo was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Exodus. Sal Mineo is portrayed by Felix Quinonez in James Dean: Race With Destiny (1997) and by Paul Pantano in The Mystery Of Natalie Wood (2004-TV).

Mineo returned to the theatre to direct and star in the play Fortune And Men's Eyes with successful runs.

Sal Mineo's notable movie credits include...

Sonic Boom (1974)
Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (1971)
The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)
The Longest Day (1962)
Exodus (1960)
Rebel Without A Cause (1955)
Six Bridges To Cross (1955)