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Sally Kirkland –

Kirkland in COLD FEET.
About Sally Kirkland (1941 – )
Sally Kirkland was born on October 31, 1944 in New York City.

Sally is the daughter and namesake of fashion editor Sally Kirkland. Her mother was fashion editor at first Vogue and later Life magazines. Kirkland was known as "the next generation Sylvia Miles".

In the 1968 Sally Kirkland was the first actress to appear nude in a legitimate stage play, the Off-Broadway premiere of Sweet Eros by Terrence McNally.

In 1987 Sally Kirkland received an Academy Award-nomination for Anna, in which she played a failed Czech actress struggling in New York.

Starred in mostly minor films, Sally was also in some of which went straight to videotape: White Hot (1988), Best Of The Best, and Cold Feet (both 1989) just to name a few.

In 1992, Sally Kirkland acted and co-executive-produced Paper Hearts. In a TV interview, Kirkland claimed that she used money from her role in EDTV (1999) to have her breast implants surgically removed.

Sally Kirkland won several supporting roles in a number of made-for-TV movies and appeared in several episodes of Roseanne, and Days Of Our Lives.

Kirkland, probably the only Academy Award nominee who was a regular of The Joe Franklin Show, also had a bit role in Oliver Stone's JFK.

Sally Kirkland's notable movie credits include...

Division III: Football's Finest (2011)
A Bag Of Hammers (2011)
The Wayshower (2011)
Jack The Reaper (2011)
The Last Gamble (2011)
House Under Siege (2010)
With Makers Of West Hollywood (2010)
Urgency (2010)
Lights Out (2010)
Oak Hill (2008)
Richard III (2008)
Bald (2008)
Spiritual Warriors (2007)
Big Stan (2007)
Resurrection Mary (2007)
Blind Spot (2007)
Factory Girl (2006)
Coffee Date (2006)
Off The Black (2006)
Fingerprints (2006)
What's Up, Scarlet? (2006)
A-List (2006)
Hollywood Dreams (2006)
Neo Ned (2005)
Chandler Hall (2005)
Encore (2005)
An Eye For An Eye (2004)
Bruce Almighty (2003)
Mothers And Daughters (2002)
EDTV (1999)
Guns And Lipstick (1995)
JFK (1991)
Cold Feet (1989)
The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)
Private Benjamin (1980)
The Way We Were (1973)
Coming Apart (1969)
Crack In The Mirror (1960)


Sally Kirkland in Coming Apart (1969).



Sally Kirkland in Neo Ned (2005).