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Ross Martin –

ross-martin Martin in Wild, Wild West.
About Ross Martin (1920 – 1981)
Ross Martin was born on March 22, 1920 in Grodek, Poland. His birth name was Martin Rosenblatt. Martin passed away on July 3, 1981 in Ramona, California from a heart attack. He collapsed while playing tennis.

A man of many talents, Martin at one time had his own radio program, The Ross Martin Show. He was also a singer on Broadway, most famously playing Nathan Detroit in a Broadway touring company production of Guys And Dolls in the '50s. With his partner Bernie West he was one-half of a vaudeville comedy duo from 1937-41 known as Ross & West. Martin was also an accomplished musician – a violin virtuoso at the age of eight playing solo with the junior symphony orchestra.

Ross Martin's first film was the George Pal production Conquest Of Space (1955).

In 1965 CBS cast Ross Martin in what was to become his most famous role, as Secret Service agent Artemus Gordon in The Wild Wild West. When the show was cancelled in 1969, Martin, who had suffered a near-fatal heart attack in 1968, found himself excluded from consideration by the networks for the leading roles he aspired to play. He continued to appear as a guest star in many programs nonetheless.

Ross Martin's notable movie credits include...

Yesterday's Child (1977)
The Man From Button Willow (1965)
The Ceremony (1963)
Geronimo (1962)
The Colossus Of New York (1958)
Conquest Of Space (1955)

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Martin in The Great Race.


Ross Martin, guest-starring in M-Squad (1957-1960 TV series).




Ross Martin in Wild, Wild West (circa 1965).