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Robert Morley –

robert-morley-PHOTO-1 Morley in Topkapi.
About Robert Morley (1908 – 1992)
Robert Morley was born on May 26, 1908 in Semley, Wiltshire, England. On June 3, 1992 Robert Morley passed away in Wargrave, Berkshire, England from a stroke.

Morley's son, is Sheridan Morley, is a distinguished London Theatre critic and writer.

In 1938 Robert Morley first appeared on Broadway as the lead in Ocsar Wilde.

Robert Morley was a successful author, playwright, and he made regular appearances on TV as an exceptionally witty guest on talk shows. In later years he was most recognizable to Americans from his long-running series of commercials for British Airways.

In 1938 Robert Morley made his film debut as Louis XVI in Marie Antoinette, and received an Oscar nomination for it.

Robert Morley's notable movie credits include...

Istanbul (1989)
Little Dorrit (1988)
Second Time Lucky (1984)
Oh, Heavenly Dog! (1980)
The Blue Bird (1976)
Some Girls Do (1969)
The Alphabet Murders (1965)
Murder At The Gallop (1963)
Around The World In Eighty Days (1956)
The African Queen (1951)
You Will Remember (1941)


Robert Morley in Topkapi (1964).