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Robert Conrad –

robert-conrad-image-1 Conrad in The Wild Wild West.
About Robert Conrad (1929 – )
Robert Conrad was born on March 1, 1929 in Chicago, Illinois.

Conrad Robert Fal is Robert Conrad's birth name, but he usually goes by the name of Bob.

Has been married two times Robert Conrad first marriage was to Joan Kenlay together they had 5 children. His second marriage was to actress LaVelda Fann they have three children together giving Robert Conrad a total of eight children.

LaVelda Fann and Robert Conrad were in the 2002, Chuck Bowman horror Dead Above Ground, a movie about teachers and students dieing as seen on a video.

In the 1960s Robert Conrad was the star of The Wild Wild West television series, playing the of James T West.

Father of actors Christian Conrad, Nancy Conrad, Joan Conrad and Shane Conrad. In the 1988 TV series High Mountain Rangers we saw a lot of the Conrad family Christian and Shane played Matt and Cody Hawkes, and Robert Conrad played Jesse Hawkes. One of the executive producers of the series was Roberts daughter Joan Conrad she was also a director next to her father who also directed the series. This series also went into the next series Jesse Hawkes.

Robert Conrad was played the role of Tom Lopaka on two different series from 1959 till 1963 on Hawaiian Eye then as the same character on 77 Sunset Strip in the early 60s.

Just starting out Robert Conrad took a uncredited role in 1958 with a bit part in Juvenile Jungle. This was not his only uncredited role in 1960 he was a bellboy in Cash McCall, and in 1985 he was Chief Rowe in Moving Violations.

Robert Conrad's notable movie credits include...

Dead Above Ground (2002)
Garbage Day (1999)
Jingle All The Way (1996)
Samurai Cowboy (1993)
Wrong Is Right (1982)
The Lady In Red (1979)
Young Dillinger (1965)
The Commies Are Coming, The Commies Are Coming (1962)



Robert Conrad in The Wild Wild West (circa 1965 Television Series).