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Rick Ducommun –

rick-ducommun-image Ducommun in Encino Man.
About Rick Ducommun (1956 – )
Rick Ducommun was born on July 3rd, 1956 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. Rick was the son of a farmer with great drive and a business sense. Unfortunately, Rick and his father didn't get along. Rick ran away, slipped over the boarder. Rick hitch-hiked around northern America, living in communes. He returned to Canada at the age of 17.

He got started on the comedy club gigs through a dare to try at a Vancouver Club.

Rick became active in Canadian TV, after being invited on Alan Thicke's TV talk show. In 1983, Alan Thicke was contracted to do a late-night talk show in Los Angeles, called Thicke Of The Night. Alan brought Rick with him, to be the announcer and performer.

When Alan's show went down the drain, Rick went back to comedy club circuit in Los Angeles, and started acting in TV shows. He also began to get small roles in movies, but his weight of 426 lbs was limiting what kind of parts he could get.

After dropping his weight down to 200 lbs, Rick got the role that got him noticed - that of Art Weingartner, the dumb lug nosy neighbor to Tom Hanks in the film, The Burbs.

Rick Ducommun's notable movie credits include...

The Burbs
The Hunt For Red October
Gremlins 2: The New Batch
Encino Man
Groundhog Day
Last Action Hero
Ghost In The Machine
Blank Check
Final Voyage
Scary Movie
Like Mike
Pauly Shore Is Dead
Back By Midnight
Funky Monkey

Rick Ducommun's television credits include...

Thicke of the Night(1983 TV Series)
The Last Precinct (1986 TV Series)
Garfield and Friends (1994 TV Series)
The Wayans Bros. ( 1998-1999 TV Series)
Nash Bridges (2001)



Rick Ducommun in The Burbs (1989).



Ducommun in Encino Man (1992).





Rick Ducommun in Scary Movie (2000).