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Raymond Burr –

raymond-burr-image-4 Burr in the classic Perry Mason (TV Series).
About Raymond Burr (1917 – 1993)
Raymond Burr was born on May 21, 1917 in New West minister, British Columbia, Canada.

After his parents divorced, his mother moved them to Vallejo, California, where her parents helped to raise him, and his brother and sister. As Raymond grew older, he sought jobs to help supplement his mother's income. He even was singing in various night clubs.

Raymond attended Stanford University, Columbia and Chungking Universities.

Later on in his life, he taught drama classes at Columbia.

He was the director at the Pasadena Playhouse before he joined the service during WW 2.

In World War Two, Burr served in the Navy. When in Okinawa, he was shot in the stomach and sent home.

In 1946, Burr made his film debut in San Quentin. Raymond Burr acted in more than 90 films before landing the role of defense attorney Perry Mason (1957).

On January, 10th, 1948, Raymond married Isabella Ward, but their marriage ended on August 22nd, 1952. Raymond Burr was gay, and this fact remained hidden for many years.

Raymond Burr had a long-time companion for 35 years, Robert Benevides, whom he met on the set of Perry Mason.

In Hitchcock's Rear Window, (1954), Raymond Burr played opposite Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly.

Raymond Burr enjoyed success on the hit TV series Ironside (1967-1975). He played a wheel-chair-bound detective, hunting down the criminals in San Francisco.

Burr was in the TV mini-series, Centennial.

Over his long career, Raymond won 2 Emmys ('59 and '61) for Perry Mason, and nominated for three more.

Raymond Burr's favorite hobby, which he later developed into a business with Robert Benevides, was his orchid business, known as Sea God Nurseries. Burr and Benevides cultivated over 1,500 new orchids. Burr even developed one which he named the Barbara Hale Orchid.

Raymond Burr was know for his generosity, and gave a lot of his money to charities.

He passed away on September 12, 1993 in Sonoma, California from liver cancer.

On October 1, 1993, a memorial service was held for Raymond Burr at the Pasadena Playhouse, the very same theatre that he had made his acting debut 50 years before.

Raymond Burr's notable credits include...

Perry Mason (1957 -1966 TV Series)
Delirious (1991)
Airplane II (1982)
The Return (1980)
Out Of The Blue (1980)
Tomorrow Never Comes (1978)
Godzilla (1977)
Perry Mason (1957 -1966 TV Series)
Crime Of Passion (1957)
Ride The High Iron (1956)
Godzilla, King Of The Monsters (1956)
You're Never Too Young (1955)
The Blue Gardenia (1953)
His Kind Of Woman (1951)
A Place In The Sun (1951)
Abandoned (1949)


Raymond Burr in His Kind Of Woman (1951).


Raymond Burr in the classic Perry Mason (TV Series).


Burr in A Place In The Sun (1951).



Raymond Burr in Ironside (TV series).




Burr in Crime Of Passion (1957).




Raymond Burr in Rear Window (1954).