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Peter Falk –

Falk in COLUMBO.
About Peter Falk (1927 – 2011)
Peter Falk was born on September 16, 1927 in New York City, the son of Jewish parents from Russia and Poland, with other ancestors of Hungarian and Czech Jewish descent.

His right eye was surgically removed at the age of three, because of cancer.

Peter Falk played his first role as a detective in a high school play, as a replacement for the original actor who was sick.

After serving a stint as a cook for the merchant marines, he went back to college to earn a political science degree from New York's New School, and then went to Syracuse University, earning his MPA degree in 1953.

Peter Falk began his adult work life as a public accountant. He took a job as an efficiency expert for Connecticut's Budget Bureau. Always interested in acting, Peter began acting lessons, just five years before his first acting nominations in 1961.

The 1958 production of Wind Across The Everglades was Peter Falk's first feature film.

In 1961, Peter Falk made history as the first actor to be nominated for both an Oscar and an Emmy in the same year. Falk was honored with best supporting nominations for his guest star performance in Sy Gomberg's TV series, The Law And Mrs. Jones, and the mobster movie Murder Inc., where Peter Falk is outstanding in his portrayal of Abe 'Kid Twist' Reles.

In 1960, Falk won an Emmy for best actor in The Price Of Tomatoes, an episode of the TV series The Dick Powell Theatre (1962).

In 1996, Peter Falk was honored with the Knight of Arts and Letters by the Ministry of culture of France, in March of 1996. French people loved the long-running series Columbo.

In Columbo, Peter Falk is best known for his brilliant character portrayal as the detective with many quirks, and the amazing ability to find out who dunnit: The raincoat, the slouch, the false exit, questions to suspects about their shoes, etc. endeared him to audiences all over the world.

In 2008, Peter Falk was diagnosed with dementia, probably the first phase of Alzheimer's disease. In May, 2009, his wife, Shera, was awarded conservatorship of his affairs, after a year-long court battle with Peter's adopted daughter.

Peter Falk's notable movie credits include...

American Cowslip (2009)
Next (2007)
Three Days To Vegas (2007)
The Thing About My Folks (2005)
Checking Out (2005)
The Things About My Folks (2004)
Checking Out (2005)
Shark Tale (2004)
Three Days Of Rain (2003)
Undisputed (2002)
Three Days Of Rain (2002)
Corky Romano (2001)
Enemies Of Laughter (2000)
Lakeboat (2000)
Corky Romano (2001)
Roommates (1995)
Cops N Roberts (1995)
Tune In Tomorrow (1990)
In The Spirit (1990)
Cookie (1989)
The Princess Bride (1987)
Wings Of Desire (1987)
Big Trouble (1986)
All The Marbles (1981)
The In-Laws (1979)
The Brink's Job (1978)
The Cheap Detective (1978)
Opening Night (1977)
Murder By Death (1976)
The Great Race (1965)
It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)
Pocketful Of Miracles (1961)
Murder, Inc. (1960)


Peter Falk in The Great Race.



Peter Falk in The Cheap Detective (1978).


Peter Falk in The Princess Bride (1987).




Peter Falk in Columbo (TV series).



Peter Falk in Murder By Death (1976).