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Michael Craig –

Craig in Mysterious Island.
About Michael Craig (1928 – )
Michael Craig was born on January 27, 1928 in Poona, Maharashtra, India. His father was on military assignment. Michael Gregson is Michael Craig's birth name.

His family wound up in Canada. Michael eventually returned to England, fascinated with the theater. He started his stage career there in 1947. Michael was discovered by Rank films, which led to lead movie roles in the early 1960s. His Hollywood career began under the Columbia Pictures label, with limited results.

Michael Craig found success though in Australia, in both film and TV series.

Craig is brother of Richard Gregson writer and Producer. He is also uncle to actress Natasha Gregson Wagner.

Starting in 1968 with The Wednesday Play TV series Michael Craig had several TV guest appearances: The Outsiders (1976), Tales Of The Unexpected (1982), and K Street (2003).

Michael Craig's notable movie credits include...

Fat Pizza (2003)
Appointment With Death (1988)
The Irishman (1978)
Ride A Wild Pony (1975)
A Town Called Hell (1971)
Life At The Top (1965)
Mysterious Island (1961)
Sea Of Sand (1958)
Passage Home (1955)


Michael Craig in Mysterious Island.