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Melvyn Douglas, Award Winner


Melvyn Douglas: Best
Supporting Actor 1963, 1979:

1963: Hud (Drama – Unrated)

Melvyn Douglas won his first Supporting Actor Oscar for playing the principled cattle rancher patriarch and Paul Newman's father.

1979: BEING THERE (Comedy – PG)

Melvyn Douglas won his second Supporting Actor Oscar for portraying an elderly business mogul whose chance encounter with Chauncey Gardener is crucial to Gardener's meteoric rise to fame.

About Melvyn Douglas (1901 – 1981)

American leading man of the thirties and forties who's real name was Melvyn Hesselberg. In his later years, he spent time on Broadway. He did well with several character roles. Melvyn Douglas is one of the very few actors to win not only an Oscar, but also a Tony and an Emmy Award.

Melvyn Douglas took up acting after serving in World War One, performing in vaudeville until his Broadway debut in 1928. His work in the play Tonight or Never got him a part in the 1931 film version with Gloria Swanson . By the late 1930s he had established himself as a dependable minor star, whose delivery was crisp and witty. The majority of his roles at that time were as policemen or detectives in many comedy/mystery flicks.

In 1937 Melvyn Douglas appeared in Captains Courageous. Melvyn's career highlights also include starring along side Greta Garbo in two films, the comedy Ninotchka and in her final film, Two-Faced Woman, in 1941.

After completing several films in 1942 Melvyn Douglas joined the war effort. After the war his film career hit a lull and he was absent from the screen for a full decade before reappearing in Billy Bud in 1962. It as at this point that Melvyn Douglas distinguished himself in a series of character roles.

In 1970, Melvyn Douglas was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in I Never Sang For My Father.

Melvyn Douglas's notable movie credits include...

Prestige (1932)
The Wiser Sex (1932)
As You Desire Me (1932)
The Old Dark House (1932)
Dangerous Corner (1934)
People's Enemy (1935)
The Lone Wolf Returns (1935)
The Gorgeous Hussy (1936)
Women Of Glamour (1937)
I Met Him In Paris (1937)
I'll Take Romance (1937)
The Toy Wife (1938)
That Certain Age (1938)
The Amazing Mr Williams (1939)
Ninotchka (1939)
Too Many Husbands (1940)
That Uncertain Feeling (1941)
Sea Of Grass (1947)
A Woman's Secret 1949
My Forbidden Past (1951)
Billy Budd (1962)
The Americanization Of Emily (1964)
Rapture (1965)
Hotel (1967)
I Never Sang For My Father (1970)
The Candidate (1972)
The Tenant (1976)
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977)
The Seduction Of Joe Tynan (1979)
The Changeling (1980)
Ghost Story (1981)
The Hot Touch (1981)

Melvyn Douglas's television credits include...

Steve Randall (TV Series 1952-1953)
Frontier Justice (TV Series 1959)
Inherit The Wind (1965)
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night (1967)
Death Takes A Holiday (1971)
Murder Or Mercy (1974)
The Death Squad (1974)
Intimate Strangers (1977)



Melvyn Douglas in Ninotchka (1939).




Melvyn Douglas in Ghost Story (1981).