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Matthew Modine –

Modine in Full Metal Jacket.
About Matthew Modine (1959 – )
Matthew Modine was born on March 22, 1959 in Loma Linda, California.

Sometimes Matthew Modine is credited as Matthew Avery Modine.

After seeing a documentary about the film Oliver! in 1968, Matthew Modine decided he wanted to become an actor.

In John Sayles Baby, It's You in 1983 playing a high-school kid was Matthew Modine debut role.

Turning down the role that made Tom Cruise a star, Matthew Modine was originally offered the role in Top Gun in 1986 but he turned down the part because he disagreed with the film's cold-war politics.

When I Was A Boy in 1993 Matthew Modine made his directorial and writing debut.

As an FBI agent in Married To The Mob in 1988 Matthew Modine acted with Michelle Pfeiffer.

A starring performance in Birdy in 1984, Matthew Modine was a traumatized Vietnam vet who thinks he's a bird, this was the role that made him a star.

Matthew Modine's notable movie credits include...

The Hippopotamus (2017)
How to Grow Up Despite Your Parents (2016)
Army of One (2016)
47 Meters Down (2016)
The Confirmation (2016)
Altar (2014)
Family Weekend (2013)
Jobs (2013)
The Trial (2010)
Little Fish, Strange Pond (2009)
I Think I Thought (2008)
The Garden Of Eden (2008)
The Neighbor (2008)
Go Go Tales (2007)
Have Dreams Will Travel (2007)
Kettle Of Fish (2006)
Opa! (2005)
Mary (2005)
The Transporter 2 (2005)
Funky Monkey (2004)
Hollywood North (2003)
Nobody's Baby (2001)
The Blackout (1997)
Memphis Bell (1990)
Full Metal Jacket (1987)
BABY IT'S YOU (1983)


Matthew Modine in
Full Metal Jacket (1987).



Modine in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012)


Matthew Modine in Memphis Bell (1990).